The Leadership Council Interview with Janet Jack and Lord Blunkett


The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is currently in the process of talking to leadership figures from across the nation in an attempt to understand this universal trait and what it means in Britain and Northern Ireland today.


Janet Jack from The International Association of Bookkeepers was invited onto an episode of the podcast, which also included an interview with Lord Blunkett. Host Scott Challinor asked both guests a series of questions about leadership and the role it has played in their careers to date.


Scott Challinor commented, ‘Hosting a show like this, where you speak to genuine leaders who have been there and done it, either on a national stage or within a crucial industry sector, is an absolute honour.’


Lord Blunkett, chairman of The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland said, ‘I think the most informative element of each episode is the first part, where Scott Challinor is able to sit down with someone who really gets how their industry works and knows how to make their organisation tick. Someone who’s there day in day out working hard and inspiring others. That’s what leadership is all about.’




国际簿记师协会及国际专业会计师公会总裁Janet Jack应邀参加了播客的一集,其中还包括对Blunkett勋爵的采访。主持人Scott Challinor向两位嘉宾提出了一系列关于领导力的问题,以及迄今为止领导力在他们职业生涯中所扮演的角色。


Scott Challinor评论说:“举办这样的节目,你可以和那些曾经在国家舞台上或在关键行业中做过的真正领导人交谈,这是一种绝对的荣誉。


大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国领导人理事会主席Lord Blunkett说,我认为每一集中信息最丰富的部分是第一部分,Scott Challinor可以与一个真正了解他们的行业工作方式并知道如何使他们的组织运作的人在一起聊天。领导就是那些每天都在努力工作并激励别人的人。







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